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Drivetrain Repair

Drivetrains are a part of your vehicle that doesn’t get a lot of focus before a repair is needed. Components of your vehicle’s drivetrain will differ depending on your vehicle type. It will have front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, all-wheel drive, or four wheel drive. The force of the engine relies on drive line components from the transmission to the wheels. A suggested maintenance schedule is included in your owner’s manual. For repairs and maintenance services, give us a call. We stake our reputation on the quality of your service. Ask about  BG Driveline Services.

Learn more about Drivetrains and Repairs in this video

Electrical Repair / Diagnostics

Your vehicle’s electrical system includes its battery, alternator and starter. Electrical components can vary greatly depending on the make, model and age of your vehicle. Especially considering today’s automotive technology, proper diagnostics of electrical issues are extremely important to get to the root of a problem, the most efficiently. Within more sophisticated computer systems, steering, brakes, sensors, and more, are operational functions that vital parts contributing to the electrical system.
At Hansen’s Auto Service of Duluth, our experts and up-do-date technology, maintain effective diagnostics and electrical repair for all makes and models of vehicles.

Batteries / Alternators

If your vehicle is not starting properly or cranks slowly, or not at all, it is most likely an issue coming from the battery or alternator. To find out which, contact our service center for a quick check and recommendation on what to do next. We install quality Interstate batteries and NAPA parts, and only service what is needed. You can count on us to steer you in the right direction.

Exhaust / Tune-Ups

To maintain, and extend the life of your vehicle, a tune-up yearly is a good basis of with to adhere. This includes repairing, cleaning, or replacing spark plugs, caps, rotors, wires and fuel injection systems. Some inspections during a tune-up may require maintenance of pumps, filters and valves depending on the make, model, year, and wear-and-tear of your vehicle. Keeping up with tune-ups increases vehicle performance, may increase the resale value, reduces emissions, and help avoid costly repairs later on.
Exhaust system performance is an important factor affecting the power of the engine. By more efficiently dispersing gases with a clean exhaust system, it allows your vehicle to breathe better.
At Hansen’s Auto Service, our ASE Blue Seal Certified technicians help keep your vehicle running smoothly. Talk to our service manager to set your appointment.

Services Overview

  • Oil Changes / Flushes
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Brakes
  • Suspension / Steering Repair
  • Drivetrain Repair
  • Electrical Repair / Diagnostics
  • Batteries / Alternators
  • Exhaust / Tune-Ups

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